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System Integration and Data Migration

Published June 7, 2018.

Accreon has a deep understanding of issues involved in system interconnectivity and extensive experience in data transfer, data import/export, and in data and legacy systems migration. Our experience in data import/export covers a wide variety of technologies, applications and

System Integration and Data Migration

Accreon’s standard practice for data migration starts with obtaining data documentation, obtaining data to be migrated, and defining data mappings. Accreon determines any data issues and generates a cleanup plan. Accreon then writes data migration scripts and runs the migration in the Accreon staging environment. Accreon will review the data with the client for accuracy and integrity and assist in correcting any migration issues. Accreon re-runs migration in the staging environment, reviews the data, and – if clean – replicates the process in the production environment and presents the converted data for review.

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