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Solution Development and Delivery

Published June 8, 2018.

Accreon solves critical business needs for healthcare, government, business clients, and partners through technology-enabled business solutions. Accreon has more than 450 completed projects serviced by our 200+ employees who average 15+ years of experience. Accreon is recognized for providing exceptional service to both private and public sector clients with engagements ranging from a single software solution to a suite of applications that can vary in size, complexity, and duration. Accreon prides itself on innovative approaches to
creating impactful solutions. Our Professional Services team consisting of Strategic Consultants, Program/Project Managers, Change Managers, UX Designers, Architects, Developers, DevOps Engineers, Quality Analysts/Testers, and Implementation Specialists have a level of knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience that enables them to consistently deliver projects efficiently and effectively.

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