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For government to operate effectively and efficiently in this new technological landscape, it requires more than just upgrading to the latest platform. It means disparate departments and systems have to connect and exchange data instantly and seamlessly.

Accreon’s industry-leading experience and expertise has been helping governments across North America manage this process of digital transformation. We are a business-solutions company whose technology focus is on integrating and managing workplace information. We assist organizations in achieving interoperability by integrating their IT eco-systems and establishing analytics-driven environments that empower learning, agility, and performance; resulting in improved outcomes, finances, and satisfaction.

Most recently, Accreon was part of a consortium awarded a contract to improve business process efficiency with a flexible, streamlined shared apprenticeship management solution for five provinces across Canada.

Our specific areas of expertise in the public sector include:

Digital ID

Digital ID is not only easier and more efficient but also significantly more secure than previous methods. We work with government partners to integrate the latest technologies across enterprise to ensure maximum security and build a more connected government which ultimately creates a digital society.


Transformation from a manually intensive (analogue) to a new digital environment requires intensive planning and precise execution. Reducing taxpayer cost and improving the citizen experience are two of the fundamental tenets of a maturing digital government vision.

Application Modernization
Application Modernization is one of the most important transformative steps toward a more digital government is the need to connect existing legacy application to modern systems, or to migrate them entirely from old to new.

Case Management and Business Process Management
Case Management and Business Process Management help streamline the process of building and managing a caseload in an individual agency or across all agencies. We implement solutions that ensure information is unified, processes are clear, and resources can work with optimal efficiency.

Innovation Services

Innovation Services allows Accreon to work with Governments to help them understand the value of employing innovative approaches to engaging with and providing services to citizens across a jurisdiction. By leveraging technology and streamlining process governments can create an improved service experience, while cutting costs.

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