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Your Timelines Met

Falling behind schedule and incorrectly scoped projects are among your company’s most frustrating challenges. Rushed timelines and unforeseen circumstances can result in costly re-work, and leaves your employees demotivated by overtime hours. Meet your business’s tight deadlines with quality-assured assistance; when you hire experts that excel in resolution mapping to achieve your critical deadlines, you invest in tailor-made solutions that get your products where you need them, when you need them. See how Accreon implemented a province-wide EMR program while meeting physicians’ concrete funding deadlines.

Man reclining in office chair

Your Standards, Matched

The benefit of hiring industry-backed expertise: you don’t have to train them. Get experts in your field with a wide breadth of business and technical knowledge who can propel your projects forwards without stagnation. When you partner with Accreon, you gain access to a team that has delivered on over 450 customized projects . Our experts have the right certifications, knowledge and experience to complete your job the way you want it—without additional training. Find out how Accreon partnered with a third-party benefits and consulting firm to optimize the quality of their services.

“Working hand-in-hand with Accreon allows Manion to bring industry leading, cost effective solutions to market faster and more efficiently than our competitors. The end result is unique and affordable services for our clients.”

Mike Neheli, President, Manion

Need to Know More?

Do you need to modernize your systems, scale a project roadmap, or solve a challenging implementation? Call us to talk about how we can help get your projects back on track.

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