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At Accreon, we’ve built our reputation as industry leaders in helping our partners stay ahead of the business curve, making them faster, leaner, more efficient, more and profitable. Our team of experts work closely with our partners to assess their needs and then design, build, and implement a custom solution that helps them achieve desired business outcomes.

But our involvement doesn’t end there. We will help train and consult with your team to help manage the transition to the new system. Accreon is not a one-and-done operation. We’re in it for the long haul to create lasting, successful business partnerships.

We do this by providing the following services to our partners:

  • Application Development – Every engagement is customized to fit our partner’s needs with an eye to delivering maximum, cost-effective results. Where other firms try to push a one-size-fits-all solution on customers, we believe in tailoring our application solutions to each unique situation. We’ve been building world class solutions for the past 30 years so you can be assured you’re getting the best solution on the market today.
  • Application Modernization is one of the most important transformative steps toward a more digital government is the need to connect existing legacy application to modern systems, or to migrate them entirely from old to new.
  • Management Consulting has been a core value that we offer our clients in order to harness solutions to their most critical issues. We offer deep technical and functional expertise across multiple industries and we are known for our exceptional approach to optimizing value and solutions across organizational boundaries.
  • Implementation of complex enterprise level software is extremely challenging. When an estimated 70% of software implementations fail, even in mature organizations, Accreon is able to deploy the necessary resources and methodologies to ensure success. Requirements, product selection, implementation, integration and configuration along with change management are all hallmarks of a successful implementation initiative.

The Accreon Advantage in Practice

Manion is a Canadian firm that provides third party benefits administration, payments and consulting services. In 1999 Manion came to Accreon with a system that needed to be upgraded. Beyond just updating the technology, Accreon was asked to find a way to make the system more efficient. Manion has three branches to their business: (1) Benefits Administration, (2) Claims, and (3) Pension Management. These were three huge systems which were separate, so the data wasn’t always in sync and the systems couldn’t talk to each other. Accreon embedded a team on the Manion site and together with Manion’s people, we built all three of those systems under one roof where now all the data lives together, everything is connected. Accreon and Manion continue their twenty-plus year partnership to this day.

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