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Accreon Supports Healthcare Interoperability at Leading Diagnostic Imaging Provider

Published September 12, 2019.

A leading diagnostic imaging provider needed a standard architecture to support the organization’s healthcare interoperability across more than 14,000 client end-users. By partnering with Accreon, this diagnostic imaging provider is well underway to utilizing numerous interfaces that will deliver this functionality, including automating radiology orders, across their large network of hospitals and healthcare facilities. 

The Problem

The largest provider of advanced diagnostic mobile imaging services in the United States operates a network of 617 diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy systems and 35 radiation therapy centers and stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) facilities. The organization provides oncology, interventional health, radiology, clinical care, and operational services to more than 1,100 hospitals and healthcare providers in 46 states across the country. 

With such a robust network of facilities and clients, the organization needed a standardized architecture to facilitate communication of radiology results across all of these different locations and thousands of client end-users to address challenges such as:

  • Inefficient communication that made it difficult for different providers to deliver high quality of care and take immediate action on diagnostic insights
  • Future-proofing the organization’s infrastructure to successfully implement the latest healthcare technologies
  • High costs to both the health network and its clients due to a lack of a single communication platform to share diagnostic results, patient transfers, and faxes 
  • Data security threats across a vast network of facilities 

The Solution

The healthcare organization partnered with Accreon, a technology and managed services company with decades of healthcare interoperability expertise, a breadth of knowledge in enterprise integration technologies, and a strong partnership with NextGate, to lead the organization’s interoperability initiative. Accreon provided expertise in the following areas:

  • Developing a healthcare interoperability strategy and support roadmap to automate clients’ radiology orders and results
  • Establishing a connected platform as an enterprise integration engine
  • Selecting and implementing NextGate’s Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) to support patient cross-referencing across the organization’s electronic medical records (EMR) platform

Once the diagnostic imaging provider had a common patient identifier, Accreon standardized the following interfaces:

  • Admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) feeds to keep the EMPI in sync with Greenway Intergy, the health organization’s radiological information system (RIS)
  • A web service to record continuity of care documents (CCDs)
  • Health information services provider (HISP) platform to share patient results 
  • Health Level Seven International (HL7) interfaces to receive and return radiology orders and results to AthenaHealth, HealthFusion, eClinicalWorks, Nextgen, Meditech, and others

The Results

The healthcare organization’s interoperability initiative is still ongoing, and Accreon continues to provide strategic and technical services to support enterprise integration across the organization’s client end-user network. By standardizing the components of its architecture and creating a data lake strategy with the help of Accreon, the diagnostic imaging provider is also prepared to support future medical studies and cross-region patient evaluations, incorporate artificial intelligence (AI), and leverage big data across its growing  network. 

Want to see how Accreon can help your organization solve your unique healthcare interoperability challenges? Contact us today!