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Accreon and Manion Formally Extend Successful Partnership

Published June 2, 2018.

The long and mutually-beneficial working partnership between Accreon and Manion Wilkins & Associates Ltd ( Manion ) will extend into its 20th year with the recent multi-million-dollar agreement signed between the two organizations. The agreement will see a team of 21 at Accreon work alongside Manion through the end of 2018 in the areas of Project Management, Business Analysis, Software Development, Quality Assurance, and Technical Architecture.

Accreon CEO Eric Demers believes the agreement underscores Accreon’s level of expertise in the Benefits Administration Industry.

“We’ve long believed that Accreon is the industry leader in this space, and I think this agreement is further evidence of that. I believe it also speaks to the tremendous and mutually beneficial relationship Accreon has had with Manion for almost two decades,” he said.

Accreon provides leading IT solutions for health and human services, public services and innovation. Manion is a pioneering Canadian firm that provides innovative solutions for third party benefits administration, pension management, claims processing and consulting services.

For their part, Manion is confident that its long-term strategic partnership with Accreon will allow it to compete even more effectively.

“Working hand-in-hand with Accreon allows Manion to bring industry leading, cost effective solutions to market faster and more efficiently than our competitors. The end result is unique and affordable services for our clients,” said Mike Neheli, Manion’s President.

When completed, the scope of work included in this agreement will include enhancements to Manion’s claim processing engine, the evolution of their best-in-class member portal (web, iOS, and Android), enhancements to their pension application, and enhancements/upgrades to their technical infrastructure.

The closely intertwined professional relationship between Accron and Manion – this is just one of five active agreements between the two organizations – is something that has proven to be extremely and uniquely effective, Manion Chief Operating Officer Howard Cadesky noted earlier this year.

“It’s not a normal supplier-company relationship,” Cadesky said. “This is very much a partnership working with Accreon. It’s almost as if they work here at Manion, even though they’re at a distance.”

About Manion
Manion, a member of the GroupHEALTH Family of Companies, provides third-party benefits administration, and payments and consulting services for multi and single employer trust funds. Specializing in complex benefit requirements, Manion streamlines administration to deliver superior customer service and leading¬edge web-based solutions. In a complex regulatory landscape, trustees across Canada choose Manion to surpass their operational and fiduciary requirements. The firm takes pride in establishing longstanding client relationships built on a foundation of trust, honesty, and integrity.

About Accreon
Accreon is a business solutions company whose technology focus is on integrating and managing workplace information. Accreon’s experience with major Development and Implementation projects, coupled with its experience developing pensions and regulatory compliance solutions and technical expertise, mitigates risk and ensures success. Accreon assists organization in achieving interoperability by integrating their IT eco-systems and establishing an analytical environment that empowers learning, agility, and performace; resulting in improved outcomes, finanaces and satisfaction. Accreon has delivered services and build solutions across North America from its offices in Fredericton, NB, QC, Charottetown, PEI, Toronto, Ontario, Vancoover, BC and Boston, MA.