Transformative Primary Care Data Analytics Initiative

Accreon was engaged to provide senior project management capabilities to guide the development of a transformative primary care data analytics initiative for a provincial medical association.

The initiative was focused on facilitating the optimal use of EMR data by physicians and the broader health care system for improving direct patient care through an enabling suite of technology-based services designed in the best interest of patients, physicians and other health care providers.

Accreon’s Senior Project Manager was tasked with first understanding the business, political, legislative environment, along with the initial Business Case that enabled the association’s board to approve this strategic program. From this background, and working in collaboration with the project team, the Project Manager formulated a comprehensive project charter, a detailed project plan, and schedule to accomplish the project goals and objectives.

Under the auspices of the project management framework, the Project Manager developed the program governance and reporting process, which, given the strategic nature of this program, included various governance bodies: the Project Steering Committee, the Physician Reference Group, the Member Services Board Committee, the CEO, and the Board. Reporting to these governance bodies was accomplished through formulation and delivery of reports, briefing notes, memos, and presentations.

Stakeholder engagement to achieve program alignment, endorsement, and contribution internally with the association as well as externally to public and private sector organizations was critical to program success. As such, a comprehensive communication strategy and plan was developed and executed to achieve this key program requirement.

Oversight of the project boundaries of budget, scope, and schedule were monitored, controlled, tracked, and reported on a regular basis. Risk and issue management formed a foundational process to ensure challenges and opportunities were appropriately understood and addressed.

Accreon worked closely with and was guided by the Executive Sponsor to ensure the project work maintained appropriate focus within an ever-changing political and business landscape.

At a more detailed level, per established procurement policies and procedures, various staff procurements were completed to augment the team to support the project deliverables.

Change control was handled in a systematic manner per the process defined in the project planning documents. Similarly, quality and configuration management processes were defined/executed to meet the needs of the project scope and deliverables.

Core project deliverables included:

  • Business Case
  • Operational Plan
  • Detailed Cost Models and Scenarios
  • Request for Supplier Qualification for a Technical Solution process from requirements development to supplier selection.
  • Health Policy Research/Policy Reviews and Reports including key considerations for Data Governance, Data Privacy, and Data Monetization
  • Pilot Strategy and Plan
  • Partnership Development
  • Communication Strategy, Plan and Execution

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