Pharmacy Enhanced Order Entry Project

Our client, the leading and fastest growing provider of Electronic Health Record (EHR) software for the long-term care market in North America, utilizes a software-as-a-service delivery model to help over 10,000 long-term care providers of all sizes, from small independent homes to large, multi-facility providers who manage the complete lifecycle of resident care.  Accreon has been working with this client since the spring of 2011 in the strategy, design, and implementation of its pharmacy enhanced order entry project.

The Accreon Technology Architect’s role in this project was one of Integration Architect. Specifically, they fulfilled the following duties:

  • Provided technical architecture advice and guidance.
  • Met with current and potential integration partners to identify required communication protocols.
  • Implemented required components within the integration engine to support interfaces to partners.


Accreon provided several educational sessions to familiarize the company with various aspects of the project such as HL7 messaging, web services SOAP communication protocol, and message flows within the integration engine to help the client understand and support the production environment. Accreon also routinely worked with Testers to validate expected results and help the client understand changes that are needed to the integration engine communication points to ensure the error free exchange of messages.

Outcomes and the critical success factors of this project:

  • Successful implementation of an effective integration platform to support current and future integration needs.
  • Provided a scalable and flexible platform to support integration needs in such a way to provide a degree of separation between our client’s application and its partners, while simplifying the implementation of new messaging standards and communication protocols.
  • Provided an integration platform that can be configured easily with limited downtime while providing notification and alerts in a reliable fashion to Administrators.
  • Support the various messaging standards and communication protocols needed across their integration needs.


How Accreon contributed to achieve the outcomes and success factors:

  • Provided technical architecture advice and guidance with respect to their integration requirements with the aim of architecting a robust, scalable integration environment.
  • Provided advice and guidance with respect to key decision points on the implementation and configuration of the integration engine, Orion Health Rhapsody.
  • Designed, implemented, and tested the required components and communication points in Rhapsody to effectively map messages to required standards such as XML, HL7 v2.5, HL7 v3, SOAP, TCP, MLLP and HTTP.
  • Designed and implemented the required web services and other communication points to allow for the safe, secure, reliable exchange of messages between our client and their partners.
  • Designed and implemented an effective framework to provide for exception handling and alerting within the integration engine.
  • Worked with the client’s integration partners to test messages and troubleshoot connectivity issues.

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