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Solving Tomorrow’s IT Challenges Today

We live in a world where accelerating technology and rapidly changing business and operational models are making disruption the new normal. Staying ahead of this constantly evolving landscape is critical for enterprise success. Accreon has the strategic insight, technical depth, and proven process to help you meet this challenge. We have a proven track record in modernizing legacy systems through application transformation. Our expertise lies in optimizing aging applications and infrastructure to achieve high performance. The end result for our customers is reduced costs, improved outcomes and alleviating overall business pressures.

Technical Depth You Can Trust

Accreon has the technical depth that enables us to provide the right resource for your unique specific project requirements. With over 200 resources available coast to coast, we have the capability to address multiple technical challenges. Our breadth and depth in this area means we can provide onshore and offshore resources to help navigate the technology chaos that hampers too many enterprises in today’s business environment. We meet these challenges by providing technical and architectural support toward digital transformation, application development and solving the interoperability challenges which are quickly overtaking several players in the space. Our proven process enables us to fast-track development efforts by augmenting your team with our expert’s development and testing through to deployment and management…we do it all!

Change Management Expertise

Successfully staying ahead of the curve in today’s rapidly changing IT landscape means not only knowing what systems and technology need to be updated, but also how to do it in a way that is both manageable and sustainable. The fact is when organizations implement new applications or modernize aging ones, more than 70% fail due to poor adoption. That’s why at Accreon, we pride ourselves on our expertise in the area of change management. Our team of experts can help your enterprise navigate the often-choppy waters of effective governance, executing with precision and excellence, program management, Effective engagement, and a systematic approach to implementing change. Our experience means we can help ensure your enterprise builds up the internal capabilities needed to manage change in the future.

The Agility Required for Today’s Business Climate

To survive in today’s rapidly changing business climate, yesterday’s infrastructure will need to be interoperable with tomorrow’s technology. For many businesses, the cost and labor required to simply keep up can become crippling to the enterprise as a whole. But it doesn’t have to be. Accreon has the expertise in designing, building and managing applications in a cloud-based environment. Most often, this involves transitioning aging systems to make them interoperable with the latest cloud technology. We can help you build better, modern applications that utilize next-generation technologies to ensure you invest for tomorrow. This digital transformation often includes migrating to mobile environments to maintain an agile workplace.

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