Multi-Benefit Pension Administration and Claims System (MPACS) System Project

Our client, a firm providing third party benefits administration, payment, and consulting services, engaged us to assist with numerous task authorizations that required our continuous participation on their Multi-Benefit Pension Administration and Claims System (MPACS) system.

The first task authorization was to develop the first release MPACS, which consisted of the Claims and Administration subsystems. These included:

  • Functionality to enable the system to process and adjudicate extended health, dental, disability, and death claims, and a variety of other claim types that may be managed for any given client.
  • Functionality required allowing the system to receive, enter, allocate, and manage employee-earned benefits forwarded by employers.
  • Enhanced batch processing, event queue capabilities.
  • Direct deposit.
  • Third party adjudication of claims.
  • Automated cheque production internally and via third party.
  • Email notification, alerts to internal users.

This state-of-the-art solution enabled our client to provide services to both clients and plan participants, and react quickly to new client requirements. Due to the success of the first release, our client has issued numerous subsequent task authorizations that have employed Accreon on a continuous basis to provide additional services to implement new releases and functionality into the system, as well as provide on-going maintenance and support.

Accreon enhanced production support for product in the following areas:

  • Pension sub-system design.
  • EDI interface to allow submission of dental claims.
  • Ability to manage new member enrolment process.


In addition, Accreon has implemented the following major enhancements:

  • A pension subsystem, providing our client with the facilities to manage multiple pension plans and pension services for employees. It tracks employee-earned pension contributions, accrued interest, pension increases, pension services, and other pension related information. It includes a pension application module that provides the facilities to perform pension benefit calculations and pension valuations.
  • On-line access to both Plan participants and administrators.
  • Email notification and explanation of benefits to Plan members.
  • On-line bilingual capabilities for Plan members and administrators, including email notification and generated cheques based on participants’ language preference.
  • Addition of carriers for third party adjudication of claims.
  • Complete invoice processing, including fee and tax processing, based on agreement with client.
  • Improved access for internal Call Centre.
  • Production of micro-encoded cheques.
  • Provide a dynamic letter writer that allows the end user complete control of the text being produced in each individual letter.
  • Mass generation of Personal Benefit Statements, providing welfare and pension details to members as outlined by legislation.
  • Health Spending Accounts for members, including administration, claims processing, and client invoicing.

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