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By engaging ACES, you no longer have to worry about complex operations required to connect and exchange information with other players in the field. Any given healthcare institution could use, as a conservative guess, as many as 30 different core applications. If you manage a senior care facility, home heath business, or manufacture or sell electronic health devices, the challenge of seamlessly connecting with all of these systems can seem overwhelming. Monitoring and keeping on track with this constantly evolving infrastructure can be a real burden for any player in the space. With the ACES solution, there is no software to install or new infrastructure to maintain. Just use one simple log-in and leave the rest to us.

Cost Efficiency

ACES works on a month to month SaaS model. Most vendors sell solutions which require clients to pay up-front to buy large expensive pieces of software and then it cost money to
maintain them. With ACES, your interoperability infrastructure is implemented, maintained and monitored in our cloud so you are never saddled with a huge maintenance expense. ACES was designed to scale up and down with our clients business so they will never have to worry about exceeding their IT budget.
Keeping your information flowing without interruption is all part of the subscription service.


Here at Accreon, we have the track record to back up our reputation as being integration experts. Bottom line – we know this stuff inside and out. Other solution providers may know one corner of the space, but we’re able to see the whole picture and deliver the right service for your organization. So, if you manufacture home heart monitors and are unsure how to connect your data to hospitals and physician’s offices, worry not. We have both the technical know-how as well as the experience in the overall healthcare space to to ensure the job gets done right.

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