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Creating and delivering innovative solutions is exactly what we do with our healthcare clients. We have worked with leading U.S. healthcare firms to design and develop custom solutions in the areas of e-Health and CPOE (computerized practitioner order entry). For one of the largest long-term care providers in North America, we delivered a custom pharmacy management solution that was deployed across their entire network of facilities. In Canada, we’ve assisted Government with the challenge of delivering high-quality healthcare in a cost-effective way by creating registry solutions, integrating electronic health records and delivering custom Patient Journey Monitoring solutions.

Public Sector

The challenges of the public sector are much different than those of companies private industry. A mandate to spend as little as possible pervades Government organizations everywhere and, in times of economic uncertainty, it is even more difficult for the public sector to make transformative change that brings better services to citizens. We’ve been there so we understand how to deliver successful projects in the most challenging of fiscal environments. We integrate large enterprise systems, build new applications from scratch, and assist in strategic planning and organizational design. Our team helps Government to improve its own IT service capability, implement e-Learning solutions, and modernize aging technology. Our approach is simple… to develop “best-fit” solutions.


Modern global utility demands continue to increase despite ongoing efforts to conserve more and become better stewards of our environment. As part of overall clean energy efforts, public and private utilities are looking for innovative and reliable solutions to help them capture, manage and analyze energy transmission and consumption information. As a result, aging power systems throughout North America are undertaking transformative change by adding a smart technology layer creating a more manageable and efficient grid (aka SMART GRID). Companies often struggle with how to effectively handle, secure and utilize the raw data so that it can be used to improve performance. Accreon brings the skills and experience that will help you manage analytics to security and everything in between.

Accreon delivers unmatched solutions. Our people have come from many of the largest consulting organizations in the world and have delivered to Fortune 500 companies in the United States and Canada. We understand how to determine client requirements and transform those needs into solutions, be they business or information technology or both, whether they require innovative custom solutions or product development or the selection, integration and implementation of commercial or modifiable off the shelf solutions.

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