Requirements gathering, scope, and cost of connecting with the HIE

Our client, a unique mobile healthcare services provider committed to delivering high quality, fully integrated clinical services, has developed innovative solutions around payment and performance to meet the needs of its clients and the changing healthcare landscape. They employ more than 600 staff and deliver services in a major US center and surrounding areas.

In 2012, the State had begun the development and build-out of a Health Information Exchange (HIE) with a goal of exchanging critical patient data between providers throughout the State. To accomplish this objective, Orion Health was selected to create a secure “Direct” messaging infrastructure, Provider, and Patient Registries, and an integration platform leveraging Orion’s Rhapsody tool set.

Our client was seeking to participate in the HIE to improve quality of care and increase the efficiency of its operations. A significant opportunity existed for the company to reduce the time field resources were spending entering patient demographic and history data by having information electronically transferred from providers through the HIE. Accreon was engaged to determine the requirements, scope, and cost of connecting with the HIE.

After successfully working with our client to develop a business model and technical architecture for connecting to the state HIE, Accreon then built the capability for their Electronic Patient Care Record (ePCR) application to connect to the HIE and exchange demographic and clinical data. This custom solution – designed and constructed by Accreon – combines a .NET-based application with Rhapsody Connect to enable exchange of standard documents (CCD, CDA) through the HIE via the direct protocol.

Under this model, our client has benefited from receipt and transfer of computerized health information prior to scheduled pick up of a patient and upon discharge to a destination or ER. The new business model increases the accuracy and timeliness of the documentation during transport and saves time allowing for additional volume per day.

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