Cervical Cancer Prevention and Screening Project

The Cervical Cancer Prevention and Screening Project was responsible for implementation of a Cervical Cancer Screening program, including both processes and creation of a data repository that is integrated with labs throughout the province. The Accreon Project Manager planned and executed the initiative, and delivered it on time and on budget with a complex team structure of internal and consultant resources.

Activities included:

  • Planning and implementing change management strategies, including regular ongoing engagement of working groups; both existing working groups with related areas of expertise, and a project-specific group.
  • Ensuring stakeholders were engaged and informed while creating requirements and design, testing, and implementing the solution.
  • Gaining acceptance for key business and technical deliverables according to the Departmental Deliverable Assessment Framework, including elements of application, messaging, and technical infrastructure design.
  • Providing quality control checks on the project deliverables to ensure that they meet the Department’s defined requirements, including the Department’s Deliverable Assessment Framework.
  • Developing and implementing a Project Management plan under the Department’s Project Management Framework.
  • Developing project budget and regular reporting, including estimates, forecasts, and actuals, in addition to reporting at both the project and PMO level.
  • Managing risks and issues, and implementing mitigating strategies as appropriate to business needs and budget.
  • Maintaining a detailed Project Plan, budget, and schedule that was integrated with several related project plans, including a Pathology Reporting project and the Electronic Health Record (EHR) project.
  • Leading and integrating a high performing team consisting of a complex mix of Consultants, shared services resources, resources from the Department of Health, and subject matter experts.
  • Organizing and regular reporting to Steering Committee through formal and informal reports and steering committee meetings.


The Cervical Cancer Prevention and Screening Project achieved multiple outcomes. The Accreon team:

  • Created a data repository for the Cervical Cancer Prevention and Screening Program.
  • Defined, built, and implemented a system to receive HL7 message from the hospital labs throughout the province.
  • Processed the messages through the provincial integration engine, verified patients with the client registry, and stored test results in the repository.
  • Used the provincial Department of Health corporate registries to validate patient identities, and built a MS .NET web application and a data mart for reporting program and screening activity around the province.
  • Supported screening program to target appropriate patients and communications.
  • Provided a reporting application to provide data about cervical cancer screening activity within the province. The application provided reports for the labs, zones, hospital regions, the province, and Health Canada.
  • The project was delivered on time and on budget.

 Critical Success Factors:

  • Engagement of key stakeholders through a change management strategy to ensure subject matter experts’ input was widely understood.
  •  Coordinated with related projects to make most effective use of resources and access to expertise of various working groups and EHR infrastructure.
  • Ensured adherence to the Department’s Enterprise Architecture Framework and Deliverable Assessment Framework, which allowed for high quality deliverables that easily met acceptance criteria.
  • Followed Accreon Project Management best practices, the PMI Project Management Framework, as well as the Department’s PMO Project Management Framework. This enabled the project to meet budget and schedule deadlines to make best use of scarce resources.

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